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Mykie, which stands for “my kitchen elf”, is an innovative Home Connect concept from BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, and a good example of the benefits of connected kitchens. Mykie listens, answers questions, as well as projects information and recipes. It keeps track of the household at all times and entertains users. Mykie can be easily operated through voice controls or via touchscreen, and it assists users with recipes through step-by-step videos. After having a look inside the refrigerator, Mykie will inspire users with new recipes and order missing ingredients online.

As a designer, my main purpose was to think and organize the content inside. The complexity was to consider the vaste possibilities for interacting with Mykie: touch, voice, sight (are you watching the projector or the touchscreen ?).

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  • Date

    August 2016

  • Duration

    6 months

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  • Mykie - B/S/H/


    Mykie OS design was complex: the user could use touch interaction or voice interaction to navigate both screens simultaneously. Each screen must have the same content more or less at the same place to easily switch between them. But the sizing is different between a video-projector and a 7" touchscreen.


    One of my main tasks was to design two appliances in collaboration with two product owners: we developed the "Smart Recipe Guidance" appliance and the "Virtual Social Cooking" appliance. Those appliances are part of Mykie, and assist the user in the kitchen.

    Use Case

    My last mission consisted of doing a use case for Mykie through video. I wrote the script and did the first draft of the video, then worked with an external agency to produce it. I had a great opportunity to assist and work directly with the film director.

    Introducing Mykie - B/S/H/

    CES - 2017

    Bosch at CES 2017 From Mykie to the Connected Car